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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Deconstruction of UFO Notables

Celebrities and public figures control their images, if they care about success.

Millennial “stars” and some outliers don’t give a damn: Kanye West, for example, or wannabes, who are striving for recognition no matter what privacy they have to sacrifice.

The truly greats don’t share or provide personal aspects of their lives, they never have.

But in my circle of acquaintances I see a wholesale proclivity by some to display almost everything that makes up their being, private and public.

In my UFO circle, there are two people who have sacrificed personal identity, mostly in their Facebook addiction.

(And one friend allows comments at his blog that demean his credibility and legacy, something I don’t let happen here. If someone wants to debase me, they have to do it in venues far away.)

But the Facebookers aren’t belittled by others, they belittle themselves with disclosure of shortcomings, physical flaws, and bizarre behavior.

The successful UFO notables remain private, almost mysterious, letting their work and writings speak for them, something that noted, “famous” persons learned to do long ago.

I’m saddened to see once articulate, intelligent UFO personages lost to ufology because they now see attention to their banal personal lives as the reason for living.

These aren’t millennials who have a chance to correct their wayward demeanors later on then they approach mid-life. The person’s I’m referring to are already at mid-life and desperate to leave a mark, destroying any chance of that by giving away their mystique for a short-lived Facebook “like” or “congrats.”

We, in the UFO milieu, are now surrounded by lesser lights who neither know what they are ruminating about nor care that they are amidst a nothingness of being, me among them.

But that’s not as pathetic as Facebookers showing their underwear to other asses who don’t really give a fig about anything but a need to connect with someone or something just to prove to themselves they are still alive, and (delusionally) relevant.


UFOs: False Consciousness vs The Null Hypothesis

Our friend Zoam Chomsky is enamored of The Null Hypothesis and uses the concept to deriide UFO reports and sightings, even UFOs themselves.

But there is another view, ascribed to Marxist theory that may better explain what happens in the milieu after a person witnesses what he or she thinks is a UFO.

It's the theory of False Consciousness (from Dictionary.com):

"A Marxist theory that people are unable to see things, especially exploitation, oppression, and social relations, as they really are; the hypothesized inability of the human mind to develop a sophisticated awareness of how it is developed and shaped by circumstances.

Any belief or view that prevents a person from being able to understand the true nature of a situation."

More about the theory at Wikipedia HERE:

And this:
From an abstract HERE

While the original import of the False Consciousness idea pertained to social, economic, and political exigencies, it can be applied to UFO reports and alleged witness sightings, much more sensibly than the Null Hypothesis which is a mix of muddled thought and intellectual scammery.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two perspectives on Earthlings and Earth plus a picture of a MUFON gathering

Facebook: A New Nazi-like Regime?

When Adolf Hitler began his mesmerization of the German peoples, he sucked them into his perverse “theology” that proposed Germans were an exclusive element of human society by his charismatic “charm” and ideology that his “political party” was an all-inclusive membership party for his defined super race.

If one wasn’t a Nazi Party member, one was an outsider.

Even brilliant persons, scientists [Werner von Braun], composers, film-makers [Leni Riefenstahl], and writers [Ezra Pound], and philosophers [Martin Heidegger] became enamored of Nazism. 

Facebook’s attraction of “brilliant persons” and thinkers may be seen by scouring the Facebook membership rolls.

I won’t note the many one-time UFO aficionados, many of them notable in the UFO community, who are avid members of Facebook, attracted to Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of a world-wide society, under the influence of his internet creation. 

Is there the intrinsic evil in Facebook like that which underlay Nazism? 

Certainly not. But the mass [Facebook] membership, of ignorant human beings, is similar in essence to what made up the Nazi party and those who came under its sway: the German people as a virtual whole, going along with Nazi policies and practices, unthinking and obeisant to the machinations of its founder and leader(s).

This is worrisome to some of us, certainly to me.

Facebook is intellectually and politically innocuous at the moment, but in a few years?


Pablo Vergel provides an "exegesis" of Jose Antonio Caravaca's "Distortion Theory" that explains [some] UFO encounters


The Distortion Theory offers a new and revolutionary point of view concerning close encounters with UFO and their alleged crews. In order to do that, this theory has its own terminology to try to define accurately some of the key concepts within the theory. Let us review them to enable a full understanding of their main principles:


This term defines the “operator” or “entity” that interacts, under certain conditions, with the witness’ psyche in order to “manufacture” a so called “UFO experience”. Probably none of the features or actions that are displayed in their numerous manifestations have nothing to do with its true appearance or purpose. The point of this “external agent” is to make the observer believe through a complex holographic projection that they are being witness of the landing of anextra-terrestrial spacecraft and the disembarking of their crew members. But none of this is related to a factual reality neither it has the quality of being persistent in our universe once the experience is finished. Then, who is the External Agent? This External Agent could be a parasitic entity which either feeds on human beliefs or needs human interaction to survive. It’s very likely that the External Agent could be behind of many myths and folklore in the history of mankind disguised under many different manifestations. This camouflage can be identified as a skilful and huge psychic manipulation, as some researchers claim, but it’s obvious that some unconscious mental contents are at play and those are in sync with the sociocultural and historical context at all levels: philosophy, technology, art, etc…

It cannot be ruled out that the External Agent is using latent beliefs within particular societies for its own sake. The External Agent uses then subterfuges and deception constantly in its interactions with human societies and doesn’t seem interested at all neither in fostering any positive social changes nor making the attempt of influencing the fate of mankind. Despite some messages that could point otherwise, the External Agent has no real purpose to convey any scientific or philosophic message beyond those already developed by man itself.


When the External Agent is in touch or interacts with the witness’ psyche, an information transfer is made at an unconscious level,that will be embodied within the experience in a distorted way so the observer is not able to identify as self-made. Whatever is displayed in front of the witness will be a by-product of the symbiosis between both operators, the unknown entity and the human being, and it will be manifested as a holographic projection. Therefore, most of the details and factors that are part of a close encounter can be perfectly tracked down in the observer’s psyche. The most evident and notorious elements nevertheless will be those unique features (Such as traits from a humanoid or technical details from the craft) that cannot be found in similar events.


The information extracted unconsciously from the witness is displayed and rearranged by the External Agent in a distorted way so the observer will not be able to recognize it. The source of this information can be very diferent: literature, TV, work, environment, hobbies, etc…

All these conceptual resources will be used to stage a projection where the witness will be actually convinced that he’s observing, for instance, an UFO landing. This will be the explanation behind why there are so many different types of “flying saucers” and “extra-terrestrials”. The External Agent uses a very different range of sources to create those experiences that their manifestations may vary wildly from one to another.

After the interaction with the witness’ psyche, the “external agent” obtains the essential information to reproduce a holographic projection that will generate an illusoryenvironment where a close encounter with UFO is re-enacted. This projection can be seen externally by a third person but having an unknownpsychic foundation, the perception made by other observer may vary from the one made by the main witness or even some individuals will not be able to be aware of the event at all. The witness will be able to interact with the projection as if he was within a full virtual reality experiment.The witness will be able to touch and feel the elements of the projection as if they were actually there.


The External agent in some occasions can grant to the “holographic projection” a fleeting and momentary material quality in our own reality. Therefore, traces of a landing might appear in some incidents and in some might not, regardless of the terrain conditions.

For instance, in Sangonera La Verde (Murcia) on July 1st 1979 there was a report of an UFO landing. According to several witness a giant humanoid was seen in the surroundings walking around 800 meters but only two footprints were found (One of them partial)

This evanescent matter would be able to explain an array of anomalies linked to UFO close encounters such as:

1. UFO flying through vegetation or power wires without making any noise or impact.

2. The randomness in the traces left behind by UFO where in some cases there are obvious marks meanwhile in others there is no evidence at all.

3. The lack of marks, trails or footprints after a sizeable event has happened involving entities and crafts.

4. The ability shown by humanoids to go through walls or fences.

5. The reported silence that goes along with close encounter events.


The External Agent displays in the generated projections very defined behavioural patterns that can be easily identified to facilitate the assimilation and development of these experiences. Most close encounter events, despite their changing and external appearance, display a very similar pattern. The so-called extra-terrestrials are usually doing some of these three universal actions

1.      Exploring the surroundings
2.      Collecting samples
3.      Repairing their spacecraft.

All these three actions will match with what we would expect from an interstellar human explorer visiting another planet so they fulfill the mission of integrating distinctive human concepts within supernatural experiences.

On top of this, the eventual presence of the witness always provokes a surprise reaction to the extra-terrestrials that leads them to leave the place immediately due to the “unexpected” visit of the observer. This farce is a deception with the purpose to manipulate the witness reaction. If we would buy the idea that we had met by pure chance some alien visitors that they don’t want to be seen, they would avoid populated areas but invariably lot of close encounters are reported in areas with continuous human presence such as roads, cities, villages, etc…

Another trait that is also very common in the behaviour of these UFO crew-members is to dazzle witness with devices that project a blinding light.


The process that leads to the “holographic projection” is defined by the Distortion Theory as oneiric creativity because the way it works is very similar to the patterns displayed by human psyche meanwhile we dream. The unconscious contents of the witness are rearranged and projected by the “External Agent” in a creative process, that we can even label as artistic, that contains lot of the nonsensical elements that we usually associate with our most vivid dreams. The distortion displayed within one close encounter experience is very similar to the distortion that we face when we dream.

This would help us to understand one of the most puzzling issues that we find in Close Encounter: The Mumbo-Jumbo Factor. All these nonsensical elements that we find in the UFO experiences which so far they had served only to invalidate and reduce the credibility of the UFO phenomenon in front of the public opinion.

Nevertheless, according to the Distortion Theory this universal non-sense factor is simplified. The internal mechanics behind the creation of these experiences have built-in and integrated these nonsensical factors that actually they have their source in the witness own subconscious.

Those absurd details then don’t have any special or transcendental meaning beyond the remarked artistic/creative value expressed in a holographic projection which introduces us to a dream-like fiction in what concerns to its development and staging. Although the final purpose of these interventions is still unknown to us.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Stanford Socorro Mess

Our pal Kevin Randle has been clarifying, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] the April 1964 Lonnie Zamora/Socorro event.

While some of you think the “sighting” is old news, not significant, it is neither.

It represents an iconic UFO incident with an exceptional witness, seeing an odd thing on the ground and in the sky.

But, as Kevin makes clear, with his recounting of the “sighting,” the reportage and accounts of Police Officer Zamora’s observation were compromised by military officials, at the time, and ufologists afterward.

For me, the worst offender in the matter was (and is) Ray Stanford, whose oddly titled book, Socorro 'Saucer' in a Pentagon Pantry, is treated by some UFO buffs (David Rudiak for one) as a Biblical-like treatise.

It is nowhere near that.

Kevin provides a posting of the ongoing, debated symbol that Officer Zamora drew but which is obscured by a red-herring element in the report/sighting Officer Zamora made.

There are two symbols (maybe more) that are proferred as the insignia seen by Zamora, one of which was purportedly provided by Army Captain Richard Holder as a “trick” to foil possible hoaxers.
 Ray Stanford wrote a note (retrieved from Richard Hall’s Socorro materials) that gives a wayward slant to what he, Stanford, posited as the authentic symbol. This is that note:
(Yes, it’s all very confusing, but see Kevin’s blog for a reasonable scenario of the various vicissitudes about the insignia brouhaha.)

My concern here is the instability of Mr. Stanford’s Socorro sojourn, which he made to the sighting site a few days after the event.

That instability shows up in his hand-printed note (above).

I won’t subject you to my proclivities for handwriting analysis, which has been dismissed for a few decades now, but resurging in popularity by businesses and government agencies nowadays. My senior thesis at college was “Handwriting Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool” [for psychologists/psychiatrists].

There a few things one notices about Mr. Stanford’s printed memo:

Note his letter “A” in words with “a” in them. It is remarkably like one of the symbols that Mr. Stanford offers, but dismisses as authentic, reversing that view in his book and currently.

Also, his printing is ramshackle, not neat or aesthetic as one finds in the writing of an ordered, cultured, clear-thinking mind.

Common sense would rebuke such a messy missive, that’s what graphology or grapho-analysis would say, but, minus that iffy consideration, the note, by itself, tells you the mind-set of Mr. Stanford.

It’s not an ordered mind-set.

The problem for ufology and its practitioners is that many UFO old-timers promote Mr. Stanford’s book as the meat of the Socorro event when it is, rather, the gristle.

The insignia is the “smoking gun” of the Socorro incident, despite the claim by some that it is not the nub of the sighting. It isn’t, but it is a major clue, in the Holmesian sense, that could unlock the mystery of what Lonnie Zamora saw/reported.

Kevin Randle and Spanish UFO researcher understand the significance of the insignia, as do I.

It’s a shame that it is besmirched by sloppy investigation then (1964) and still.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Long-Form Thinking…where is it in ufology?

TIME magazine (for October 24th 2016) has an “op ed” piece by author James Patterson wherein he writes about the current state of reading:

“People age 75 and older read about an hour a day. The habit drops off through each 10-year bracket below that until you get to people ages 35 to 44 years old. They’re reading 12 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays and less than 10 [minutes] during the week. Younger than that, it only gets worse.”

My experience here, at this blog, is that odd, semi-serious infusions, like the “old coin from Egypt with an alien face on it” gets a serious response from our friend, Terry the Censor and others, but a serious, scientific insertion, like “what preceded The Big Bang” gets nothing, no rejoinder at all.

This is true of other cogitative input here.

My Facebook UFO page had a note from Philip Mantle about a podcast from a nascent “new ufology” starter that seems to be geared to an inclusive clientele, membership.

He (Philip) was maligned and desired an apology, which he won’t get, as ufologists today are not about truth but, rather, as he notes, about belief.

This belief comes from cursory readings of scientific materials and thoughtful UFO renderings.

No one has time to ruminate on UFO tales, past and present. Everyone is enamored of the Facebook approach to thinking: simple is the way to go.

Terry, for instance has, he tells us, 1000 non-fiction books in his personal library, but he, then, only provides correctives to postings here and at other blogs, like Kevin Randle’s.

Have his readings, which have to be greater than a few minutes per day, not formed a desire in him to elaborate on ideas (goofy and otherwise) that he comes across in the UFO community output?

There is another guy (unnamed by me because he’s a total ass) who scours the internet for grammatical mistakes in UFO postings. What a waste.

Arch-skeptic Zoam Chomsky is beloved by me because he inundates blogs, like mine, with erudite scoffing.

Where is Lance Moody, another brilliant skeptic? He’s on Facebook, enlivening that venue with bon mots and gratuitous pleas for Facebook “likes” as does his pal, and mine, Paul Kimball.

They seem to have given up on long-form reading and excoriation of nutty UFO postings, mine among them.

We, all of us, are on a downhill slide to banality and irrelevance when it comes to UFOs and intellectual topics of a societal nature too.

Facebook and lazy reading habits are the cause of an increase in ignorance and superficiality.

Zuckerberg and his minions have become the bane of humanity.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Alien pictured on old Egyptian coin?

Story HERE


Are Aliens Trying to Contact You? Use This Handy Scale

From my Facebook feed. Click HERE


Before The Big Bang

This is from my Media Facebook feed. It's an article promoting some current thinking about what existed before the Big Bang:

Click HERE

The scientific paper referenced in the piece is offered HERE

I note that the concept proffered by the scientists (based on macro-quantum speculation, often poo-pooed by some readers here) may be found in Hindu texts (Hindu "theology"). HERE


Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Big Picture (is made up of small pixels)

The October 27th issue of The New York Review of Books has a review by G. W. Bowersock (an Emeritus Professor of Ancient History at Princeton) of three books about The Bible.

No, I’m not going to go into the content of the books, interesting as that content is, but will note the gist of the review: “An obsession with the big picture has now become widespread in historical analysis. This has meant a salutary breakdown of both chronological and geographical boundaries. Historical inquiry can begin with the end of the Ice Age and roam freely across continents all the way down to modern times.” [Page 35]

Kevin Randle (and others, including me) keeps contending that the classic UFO cases need to be looked at in detail, still, in 2016, to get at the reality of those UFO incidents and UFOs themselves.

The NYRB review tells readers that the big picture is important, but that the big picture needs the supplementary materials of the period events being scrutinized, evaluated with the methodologies of history, as it always has been, but now, today, with the scientific methods at historians’ disposal: genome sequencing, DNA, and other forensic materials and methods.

This goes deeper than “context” which I presented, a few weeks back, as necessary and avoided by me over the years, and still avoided, today, by UFO researchers, who often resort to archaic methods and slipshod investigation.

Since anthropology, archaeology, along with various scientific technologies are needed to really get at what is being studied, from the historical past, such disciplines are needed to get at the truth of a UFO episode.

To dismiss many of the bizarre UFO sightings of the past, because they have been worked to death by UFO buffs and “ufologists,” is wrong-headed, as the NYRB piece suggests, about Biblical tales – one being the corporeality of God; that is, why does God often appear in the Hebrew texts as having form and substance.

But as reviewer Professor Bowersock writes, “ …how illuminating the big picture can be, even without science … to be authoritative it must be a picture created with deep learning and judgment … It is not enough for a picture just to be big.” [Page 37] It needs the tools of contemporary science.

Yes, we can “deep six” past UFO reports and all that attended to them, but that would be shirking our responsibility to get at the truth.

It’s more than fun, as Kevin offered his dissenting readers. It’s incumbent upon us, if we’re truly serious about flying saucer and UFO stories – their history, as it were -- to pursue them with the diligence of real historians and scientists.


Stephen Hawking before God nailed him!

Have you read "God as Hit Man"?


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The intersection of Dante’s Inferno and Paradiso and Extraterrestrialism

The need for alien (extraterrestrial) contact via UFO incursion denotes a mind-set that is deficient; not mentally deficient but, rather, intellectually and culturally deficient.

In Dante’s Comedy (The Divine Comedy for some) we are treated to the Circles of Hell and the Celestial Bodies of Heaven (with a sojourn around Purgatory’s Rings, which don’t factor into my suggestion here).

My previous and ongoing excursions about the insignificance of Earth and Earthlings relates to how extraterrestrials might see us (or, better, ignore us).

But Earth and its inhabitants (sentient and otherwise) are unique, but not to an extent that would incur alien visitors, and here’s why….

While the Earth is a container for odd, even spectacular, flora and fauna, it is so inconsequential in the cosmos scheme of things – you know my position on this – that only a happenstance reconnoiter by advanced extraterrestrials could account for alien visitation, but even then not in the numbers that UFO reports indicate.

If UFOs are von Neumann-like probes, that, too, could not account for the number of UFOs purportedly witnessed by Earthlings; the numbers staggeringly exceed what a sane, advanced civilization would send forth to our lonely planet.

(Crossover from other dimensions or a parallel universe can be credibly accepted for UFO incursions, but that for another time.)

My point here is that the desire by many UFO buffs to seek an ET explanation for UFOs is a shirking of what is wonderful about our planet.

No outsider civilization could have – even if we could interpret an alien culture – the human products that transcend creativity, even divine creativity.

For instance, the art of Michelangelo, Raphael, vanGogh, Picasso, and the many other painters you are familiar with (and some you aren’t).
The writings of Sophocles, Plato, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Joyce, Dickinson, et al.
The music of Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mahler, Schoenberg, and multiple others (most you know, many you don’t).
The scientific and technical genius of Euclid, Newton, Galileo, Leibniz, Einstein, Bors, Jobs, and dozens of others you’re familiar with).
You know the philosophers: Aristotle, Maimonides, Kant, Nietzsche and psychologists: Freud, Jung, Skinner, and political leaders: Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Peter the Great, Washington, Lincoln, and the raft of religious founders: Moses, Abraham, Mohammed, Luther, Smith and other brilliant humans, too numerous to cite here.
These are what one would find and do find in Dante’s Paradise.

Then there are the scourges of humankind: Nero, Attila, Mao, Hitler, and today Trump; just seeing if you’re paying attention.
This group inhabits the lower circles of Dante’s Hell.

But then we have the (non or different) sentient creatures of the Earth: whales, dolphins, octopi, plants, trees, various mammals, and all the glories of life here.

Can there be an advanced extraterrestrial civilization to compare with Earth?
(And don’t give me the meme that that’s why ETs visit here. They don’t even know we and Earth exists.)

We are one of a kind, alone in our brilliance and cultural significance.

Do we need ET intrusions in our existence? I don’t think so.


Asimov on The Cult of Ignorance (in the U.S.)

Click HERE


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There was no Big Bang!

Click HERE


Or even HERE (where you'll get a smidgen of solace if you believe in The Big Bang Theory).


Monday, October 10, 2016

Madness and UFOs

I’ve often succumbed to the idea, and written about the idea here, that some (many?) UFO sightings and the reports of them derive from a kind of madness: psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, et cetera.

Not all UFO events derive from addled minds, of course, but a number of them can only be explained by madness, madness as defined by Michel Foucault in his oeuvre [Madness: The Invention of an Idea and Madness and Civilization, et al.] or Thomas Szasz [Insanity: The Idea and Its Consequences], and Andrew Scull’s Madness in Civilization: A Cultural History of Insanity.
The idea that madness (insanity) is isolated and peripheral to human behavior is tackled by various writers and groups for whom the matter is paramount.

For instance, this comes from The British Journal of Psychiatry [2010]:

“Our ideas about the intrinsically pathological nature of hallucinations and delusions are being challenged by findings from epidemiology, neuroimaging and clinical research.

Population-based studies using both self-report and interview surveys show that the prevalence of psychotic symptoms is far greater than had been previously considered, prompting us to re-evaluate these psychotic symptoms and their meaning in an evolutionary context.”

More can be read HERE.

And Wikipedia (for those of you without books on the topic) offers this:

Some of the classic flying saucer and UFO sightings could easily fall into the madness category….

All of the contactee tales of the 1950s: Adamski, Fry, Angelucci, et al.
Ken Arnold’s sighting.

The Betty/Barney Hill “kidnapping”
Lonnie Zamora’s interpretation of what he saw in Socorro [1964]

The Travis Walton “abduction”

The Robert Taylor/Scotland encounter

And all of the European sightings (especially in France and Italy) of the 1950s

And many others, including those from ancient times such as the Ezekiel vision or Constantine’s cross in the sky.
There are gradations of madness, as one can see by reading from the links provided above.

Today’s ufologists or UFO buffs have a smidgen or palpable tinge of madness that is evident in their book writings or commentary online in internet venues or rapture at UFO conferences and gatherings.

Jung wrote about the dislocation of sanity in the modern age [Modern Man in Search of a Soul, The Undiscovered Self, et al.] and cites the reasons for the dissolution of mankind’s mental acuity.
Freud also touched on the “madness” in his Civilization and Its Discontents.

Recently, as I was in situ at a University of Michigan football game, I was struck by how “insane” U of M fans were, during the game, something that is pronounced at NFL games also.
Persons (not just students at college games), entrenched in their fandom for a team go bonkers as if they are on the contest fields themselves, empathetic to the point of physical and mental transmogrification with the players.

Various mad crimes are ubiquitous.

Then there are the election cycles, not just here in the States, but in South America and Europe, not to mention ISIS and the turmoil in the whole of the Middle East.

Madness is rampant in human society, so why wouldn’t people see things in the sky or on the ground that they attribute to (alien) extraterrestrial incursions?

The “visions” are created and embraced by persons hoping for salvation by something since God has hidden His face (as Richard Friedman and also Gerald Schroeder have noted in their books).
Yes, UFOs may be delusionally induced, but is that the extent of the phenomenon?

I don’t think so, but there isn’t much to provide an alternative explanation, and the feeble attempts to provide an explanation for UFOs have come to naught; themselves (the explanations extant) as mad as anything we have come to see as insane.


Saturday, October 08, 2016

Why all the confusion about the 1964 Socorro UFO sighting?

Noted Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has been looking, for a while now, at the 1964 Socorro "UFO" sighting which is currently on tap at Kevin Randle's site [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] where the insignia/symbol is being discussed.

As many of you know, that symbol has been a prime interest to me (as it is to Jose, and Kevin too).

For me, it is the "smoking gun" that will source the object seen and reported by police officer Lonnie Zamora.

In Jose's diligent pursuit of a meaning for the Zamora/Socorro event, he was able to get comment from Richard Holder Jr., son of Captain Richard Holder Sr. who, allegedly, had Officer Zamora alter a drawing of the Socorro symbol to prevent copycat "UFO witnesses" from using the drawing (recreation) of the symbol in a hoax attempt.

That rationale for altering the drawing eludes me. This is a photo of AF Captain Holder, Sr.:
Richard Holder Jr. has responded to Jose and Ray Stanford, the first ufologist to approach the sighting in 1964, writing an oddly named book that has become the "bible" (to many) for the 1964 event.

Here's Mr. Stanford's take on the matter, at Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles web-site.

While Holder Jr. doesn't wish to get embroiled, publicly,  in the symbol brouhaha, I won't include his missive to Jose Caravaca, except to quote the last paragraph, which should enthuse UFO buffs to get at the matter if they see Holder Jr.'s comment as significant:

"There is one additional resource related to my father that has never surfaced.  His original and full report that did include many more details including some not known to the public, for his superiors has never been mentioned or seen.  The short summary report by him in the Project Blue Book cases of the records that had been released is not it.  There are no questions about my father being involved, so where is the copy of his report now that it's public records?"


Another (better?) way to decipher the Ramey Memo

French UFO skeptic Gilles Fernandez thinks that the VISAR program I proposed to decipher the Roswell Ramey memo may not be able to do what I suggested, and he may be right.

VISAR used, in the Science Channel airing, a sequence of video frames to overlay imagery in such a way as to clean up the innate blurriness of the video being scrutinized.

(Nevertheless, I think the program is worth a try.)

But, again, let me emphasize that there are a number of programs that might be sought out to decipher the memo, if anyone (David Rudiak?) really wants to know what the Ramey memo "says."

Here's an item about a passage from a burnt segment of The Dead Sea Scrolls that Biblical researchers used to read the corrupted copy:
A burnt ancient scroll found in 1970 has finally been deciphered thanks to advanced digital technology. Four and a half decades after its discovery, the scroll was recently revealed to contain a passage from the Book of Leviticus. Excavated from the Torah ark of a Byzantine-period synagogue at Ein Gedi in Israel, the scroll had been victim to a fire that raged through the entire village. The scroll is considered to be the oldest Hebrew Bible scroll discovered since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Furthermore, the discovery represents the first time a Torah scroll has been excavated from an ancient synagogue.

The article about his may be read by clicking HERE.


Friday, October 07, 2016

Another missed opportunity to decipher the Roswell Ramey memo

The Science Channel’s 10/4/2016 airing of NASA’s Unexplained Files provided a segment about a NASA computer program, VISAR, that was used and is used to unclutter blurry photographs.

In the segment, VISAR helped authorities to determine an explosive device and the person who planted the device from a 15 second, obscure video taken by a bystander to an event in Atlanta.

The computer program is used by police and other agencies to get clues to crimes.

This VISAR program could be used to declutter the Roswell Ramey memo, if anyone can get authorities or NASA to authorize its use.

(Doesn’t anyone watch these programs on Science, History, of Destination America?)

Isn’t there an empathetic cop or NASA official who might help the UFO community to unravel one of its nagging mysteries?

Where is David Rudiak in all this? He and others have been offered suggestions for deciphering the Ramey memo but, instead, he and interested parties choose to go the amateur route and ignore possible sources that might be useful for removing the mystery of what was on the Ramey paper.
I don’t get it.

N.B. The VISAR program is online for (free) download.


Thursday, October 06, 2016

The demise of [UFO] blogging and internet “writing”

I did a piece for my Facebook MediaWatch page about the decline of television among today’s younger generation. (Some TV broadcasters are using “televideo” to describe their operations, eschewing “television” as the sobriquet for what they do.)

But, here, we’re dealing with reading online, blogging particularly, which is a kind of e-book short story or online newspaper clipping for some of us.

(A few “bloggers” use the form like a web-page, Kevin Randle for instance, with the ease of comments that web-pages make difficult.)

Blogs were set-up to be a kind of daily diary or musings for one’s friends and adopted followers.

I try to post daily here, but that flummoxes UFO buffs, who are an older lot, generally, that find it difficult to cope with a changing input, they, slavishly, beholden to a slower reading regimen.

Podcasts are popular among the young and videos are the prime medium that enthuses that segment of society.

Some former UFO notables have succumbed to the superficial “likes” at Facebook, trading their once thoughtful musings for mumblings that invite meaningless responses that are as evanescent as a snow flurry.

Fortunately, blogs and web-page input end up in an internet “cemetery” from which they can be exhumed for anyone interested in past ruminations.

(I often get comments for old postings, some as far back as 2006, from persons who haven’t caught up with today.)

Facebook comments and “likes” disappear shortly after they appear, along with the often dreary and self-serving ego postings that engulf the Facebook universe.

But, that aside, blogging is on its way out also, millennials too busy looking for instant gratifications of a sexier, current kind to assuage their flippant life-styles.